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Take a moment to read through our FAQs to learn a bit more about Infinity® and its features.

Who is Eva-Last®?

about-us-600x400Eva-Last® is the company that supplies and distributes the high-quality, maintenance-free and environmentally-friendly wood plastic composite (WPC) product line called Infinity®. The mission of Eva-Last® is to better the lives of homeowners, contractors, architects and stockists through durable outdoor composite products, while at the same time helping to preserve the environment.

What is Infinity®?

Infinity® is an advanced range of wood plastic composite products and accessories. Infinity® is simple to install and even easier to maintain, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space and less time working on it.

Where is Infinity® manufactured?

Infinity® was tested and the formula was scientifically developed through extensive testing under extreme conditions in and around South Africa. It is now manufactured under licence in China.

What are the advantages of Infinity® versus traditional timber?

Infinity® is designed for easy living, and is ultra-low maintenance. Infinity® offers superior durability and performance compared to natural timber, without the traditional upkeep, hassle and maintenance of staining, sanding and sealing.

Infinity® is comprised exclusively of recycled plastic and wood fibres and is produced using eco-friendly manufacturing processes from start to finish. Not only is Infinity® mould and moisture resistant, it will not rot, splinter, warp or crack. Even with time and harsh weather conditions, Infinity®’s UV resistance means colour-fade is minimal.

Is Infinity® more expensive than wood?

Infinity®’s initial cost may be higher than some types of timber due to the costly nature of the raw materials and specialised manufacturing processes. Although the raw materials that create Infinity® are recycled, the technology and expertise needed to produce a high quality, long lasting, eco-friendly composite involve a little more than simply cutting down trees.

You will however save money in the long run as there is no need for expensive stains, sealants, varnish, oils, sanding and labour. Over the lifetime of the warranty, Infinity® offers amazing value that is far greater and cheaper when compared to wood.

How does the warranty work?

10-yrs25-yrsAll Infinity® products carry a 10 or 25 year warranty, depending on which product you choose.

Eva-Last® encourages you to register your warranty online immediately upon purchase of all Infinity® products, and to ensure that all Infinity® installations adhere to the Infinity® installation guide. Please refer to the installation guide appropriate to the product you have chosen.

Can Infinity® be sanded?

Infinity® should not be sanded. Sanding will change the appearance and protective qualities of the board, especially on the Infinity® profile and will void the warranty with respect to any condition caused by sanding.

Does Infinity® expand and contract?

Due to its makeup, Infinity® is a lot more flexible than wood. Infinity® profiles contain plastic and will expand and contract more so than actual timber. The expansion and contraction of these profiles must be considered when installing.

Sufficient expansion gaps must be left at butt joins as well as where the profiles meet fixed objects. Consider temperatures at time of installation for contraction/expansion purposes. The rate of expansion of the Infinity® profiles is calculated at 1.5mm - 2mm per running meter.

Does Infinity® get hot?

On a hot day, most surfaces will get hot. Surfaces with lighter colours will generally be slightly cooler than darker composite boards. The insulating properties of the Dura-tech cap make the Infinity® profile extremely stable. The surface’s UV reflectant properties means Infinity® moderates its surface temperature, so it is kinder to bare feet.

Does Infinity® require cleaning?

Infinity® was designed to be easy to clean and care for; eliminating the time you spend maintaining your outdoor space. Infinity® products require no sanding, staining or varnishing but only minimal cleaning, which can be done simply with a hard-bristled broom, soapy water or Infinity®'s specially formulated Deck Wash. For tougher to remove dirt, grime and stubborn organic matter a high pressure hose is recommended.

Do you require special tools to install and cut Infinity®?

Regular saws, drills and tools used for timber can be used to cut and fix Infinity®; no special machinery is needed. In order to properly install Infinity® you will need: Tools list:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Combination Square
  • Steel Square
  • Chalk line with chalk powder
  • Hammer
  • Spirit level
  • Carpenter’s hammer
  • Rubber mallet
  • Mitre saw with sharpened carbide
  • Tipped cutting blades
  • Circular saw with sharpened carbide
  • Tipped cutting blades
  • Electric screw driver/electric drill and bits
  • Cordless drill with clutch
  • Spade
  • Auger/Pick

What is the lifetime value of Infinity®?

Infinity® is a wonderful long-term investment that will literally last a lifetime. Unlike timber, Infinity® does not require painting, oiling, varnishing, staining or sanding. Your savings therefore begin accumulating immediately. After only three years, the total cost of owning an Infinity® product equals the cost of a natural wood product. Over the lifetime of the warranty, Infinity® offers amazing value that is far greater when compared to wood.

Why is Infinity® not a structural material?

Infinity® is manufactured to provide the market with a durable and superior product. Infinity® profiles are formulated to weather very well, and help shield the substructure below from the natural elements.

However other than the Infinity® composite joist, for use on self supporting surfaces, Infinity® products are not designed nor covered by the warranty for structural use. No composite material in the global market is approved to be used as structural material. It is best used with pressure treated lumber, steel or aluminium as the framework.

What colours is Infinity® available in?

Inspired by nature, Infinity® products are available in a variety of different shades based on natural timber colours, tones and finishes and are aimed at mimicking the natural properties and characteristics of wood.

Does it have gaps to let water and organic matter through?

Before construction, you must ensure that the building site allows sufficient deck ventilation and drainage. There will also be gaps between each Infinity® board for water and organic matter to drain through. If not, this water and organic matter would get trapped on your deck and begin rotting.

How heavy is Infinity® material?

Infinity® composite is about 50-70% heavier when compared to actual timber sections, with a specific gravity of about 0.96. It is heavier than most timbers because it is denser. The extreme dense characteristics of Infinity® also give it its moisture resistant properties, adding to the quality and durability of your product.


Eva-Last® is a globally recognised and trusted brand that sells and distributes a specialised co-extruded wood-composite range.

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