Make your poolside deck an outdoor paradise.

Your pool is your oasis, your little slice of heaven right at your own home for you and your family to get out and enjoy. Adding a poolside deck helps to make the (often wet) area around your pool more attractive, more functional and, most importantly of all, safer. So which type of decking is best to install next to a pool? Luckily for you, in today’s market you have heaps of pool decking options which are more comfortable underfoot – particularly for bare feet!– splinter and screw free, more moisture and weather resistant, more hygienic, and longer lasting than traditional wood decking. Some are even designed to hold up brilliantly in wet conditions without warping or bending.

Composite decking is that decking; the best choice for your poolside deck.

Benefits of Composite

Composite offers tremendous environmental and lifestyle advantages which make it a great decking option for just about anywhere. More specifically, its impressive slip-resistance, moisture-resistance, and antimicrobial features make it absolutely ideal for poolside decks. Learn more about what makes composite better HERE.

Why not wood? Eva-Last® composite decking is specially created so that you can enjoy the beautiful aesthetics of wood without the splinters, maintenance, or eco-related drawbacks. Composite decking outperforms timber decking in just about every way. Learn more about how wood and composite compare HERE.

Why choose composite for a poolside deck?

Composite decking is the best choice for a poolside deck because it’s slip and moisture resistant, low-maintenance and splinter and screw free. Its weather resistance also makes it a cleaner, more hygienic outdoor decking option, as it prevents mold and mildew build up. High quality composite decking is engineered to last longer than wooden decking, with significantly less maintenance.

Composite decking comes in a wide range of style and colour options. Light colors options are fantastic for poolside decks or patio decking, since they absorb less heat, which keeps your decking cooler underfoot than darker colors. Next year Eva-Last® is excited to launch a revolutionary deck surface cooling technology engineered into the product formula, which helps prevent the surface of the deck getting too hot in direct sunlight.

Eva-Last® composite decking is uniquely suitable for poolside decks. All Eva-Last® decking products comewith competitive warranties, can be found in a variety of styles, textures and colours to suit the aesthetic of your pool renovation project, and, best of all, offer long-term durability – all while being good for the environment.


Apex® decking by Eva-Last® is an internationally renowned product line, thanks to its safety, longevity and acclaimed natural-looking finish. Apex® is ideal for poolside decks because of its industry-leading slip and fire resistance rating. Its cutting-edge capping creates a shield against spills and stains. Not only does this ensure the long-term integrity of the decking (backed by a 30-year warranty), it also prevents fungi or bacteria buildup. With a wide range of colour and styles to choose from, Apex® can perfectly complement your poolside renovation.



Infinity® decking by Eva-Last® is fully protected by an engineered cap, that shieldsthe product from the elements, including excess moisture and messy poolside snacks! The cutting-edge design of the Infinity® I-Series™ line, fashioned after the I-beam, not only gives the decking boards a superior span capability at a lighter weight (backed by a 25-year warranty), but also prevents any moisture accumulation, and dispenses heat more efficiently. This protects your family from harmful mold, mildew or other bacteria which breed in moisture.


Envision Your New Deck

Your composite poolside deck should add beauty as well as functionality to your outdoor space. Take a moment to browse our online composite decking image gallery or colour visualizer to find inspiration. Now is the time to make your dream outdoor space a reality.

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